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Cassie Danielle focuses on chic fashion by using recycled materials, eco-textiles and nature's abundance. Sculpting and creating unique art for the body and home. 

Cassie Danielle Rosteski was born August 6, 1985, Thompson, MB, Canada. Growing up in northern Saskatchewan she developed a strong relationship with nature and a respect for the environment.  She graduated from The Pacific Design Academy in 2006 with a Diploma in Fashion Design and soon after founded her own company, Cassie Danielle Designs. 


Cassie's work is inspired by nature, using recycled materials, eco-textiles and earth's creations to ignite a badass style.  Her work is also influenced by music and the culture behind it. She creates wearable art for people who appreciate originality.  Having grown up in the town of Big River, SK, home of the Ness Creek Music Festival  as well as working at Saskatoon's leading live music venue, Lydia's pub, she found a strong connection to the music industry and the taste that surrounds it.  Every person who rocks a Cassie Danielle should feel like rockstar.  


Her style is not one that conforms, it is as unique and indiviual as the people who support it.  Stand out - Stand proud. Support community and locally made. Canadiana at its finest. 


The Studio

This 700 Sq. Ft. home based studio was built in 2013.  It is located at Cassie's home just 12 KM south of Big River, SK on the shores of Clearwater Lake.  To visit please contact us for more information. 

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